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Build a Connected Backyard

With the clearer skies and warmer temperatures of summer’s approach, the backyard is the new go-to hangout spot. Now is the time to use smart technology to transform your deck, patio, or lawn into a “connected” backyard for the summer memories yet to be made. All you need is a strong internet connection from Kosciusko Connect and a few smart upgrades to become the hangout hub of the neighborhood.

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A Guide to Web Conferencing From Your Home Office

If you work from home, video meetings and web conferencing are a daily norm. Sometimes it may even be your responsibility to facilitate the online meetings. If it’s your first time planning a video conference, you might feel overwhelmed, wondering where to start. We’ve got you covered.

In addition to fast, reliable internet from Kosciusko Connect, here are a few tips to help you plan successful online meetings.

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Get Connected to Your New Home When Planning a Move

If you’re planning a move, you probably have about a million things on your mind. From packing to gathering boxes to hiring movers, there’s a lot to do. But have you taken a moment to think about setting up your internet connection in your new home?

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Get to Know Kosciusko Connect's Business Development Specialist

Riley Delp is our business development specialist, leading the way in our fiber installations for businesses and helping each business owner as they walk through the process. In this blog, Riley will explain Kosciusko Connect’s vision for business development and how our residential connection process translates into fiber for businesses.

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