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Why You Need to Abandon Virtual Rooms and Reinvent Your Group Chats

Cathie Bledsoe is a digital safety educator from Fort Wayne, Indiana. She teaches kids, parents, and educators how to stay safe online, and she’s vividly passionate about her work. During our conversation with Cathie, she explained how her renewed texting life not only kept her friends’ lives more private, but also initiated a digital culture shift that none of them were expecting.

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5 Ways to Preserve Your Core Memories Online

Remember all the great times you have with family and friends by preserving memories online with creative ease.

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Kids & Tech: Family Safety Expert Shares Secrets of the Digital World

"What do you want the world to see?"
In this blog, family safety expert Cathie Bledsoe shares what parents need to know about the digital world and how they can keep their kids safe.

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A Conversation With Tori Nelson: Navigating the World of News with Your Kids

In our latest Kids & Tech interview, Tori Nelson speaks about incorporating current events into classroom curriculum and how to strike up insightful conversations about the news with your kids.

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