Get Connected to Your New
Home When Planning a Move

If you’re planning a move, you probably have about a million things on your mind. From packing to gathering boxes to hiring movers, there’s a lot to do. But have you taken a moment to think about setting up your internet connection in your new home?

Fortunately, with a bit of planning, it’s easy to set up service or make the switch. And if you’re already a customer with Kosciusko Connect, high-speed fiber internet service may be available at your new address. Find out if your future home is eligible for fast fiber.

The following are tips for how to easily set up, transfer, or find new fiber internet service so you and your family don’t have to miss a minute of streaming entertainment, email access, or online shopping for your new home.

Transfer Your Service

If you already have our service and are moving to another address where our service is available, give us a call. Transferring your network and installing fiber at your address will be a smooth, low-cost process that we can guide you through.

Upgrade Your Network

Whether you’re a first-time Kosciusko Connect customer, or just transferring your service to a new address, now’s a good time to upgrade your connection. We have a few ideas to get you started:

Choose a higher speed: If you’re on our standard plan, at 100 Mbps, and you plan on needing higher speeds in the future, consider switching to our advanced plan, at 500 Mbps. Our standard plan is $49.95, and switching to 500 Mbps is only an additional $15 a month. Learn more about our residential plans.

Add Guardian to your network: When you move to your new home, life will probably feel busy for a while as you unpack and change your address for a variety of services. To ensure the security of your network and the safety of your family, add Guardian to your internet plan. Guardian offers premier network protection, and lets you customize parental controls from the Kosciusko Connect app. Next time you call, ask a member service representative about Guardian!

Installation and Wi-Fi Optimization

If you’re remaining a customer of Kosciusko Connect, we make it easy to get connected in your new home.

Our skilled fiber technicians will help determine how best to optimize your Wi-Fi, including ascertaining the best location for your router and mesh extenders in your new home. They’re trained to know the many facets of router placement, including minimizing interference from walls and other electronic equipment, to help you get the most out of the high-speed fiber internet you’ve wisely selected.

Moving is never easy—but transferring your internet services can be! Call Kosciusko Connect at 574-269-0327 to talk to us about your move.