Seven New Year's
Resolutions for
Your Fiber Network

2023 has arrived! Whether you’re a goal-setter or you’d rather go with the flow, we want to help with your fiber internet New Year’s resolutions. Here are seven goals to ensure a bright future for your internet network in 2023:

#1: If you haven’t yet, sign up for fiber!

Kosciusko Connect’s fast fiber internet is more reliable and lasting than traditional cable or DSL. With symmetrical upload and download speeds, and sleek equipment, there’s no better choice for your brand-new network this year.

If fast fiber internet sounds better than your current Wi-Fi, check your availability for Kosciusko Connect here.

#2: Upgrade your speeds

With fiber installed in your home, using the internet will be easier than ever. Say goodbye to buffering and hello to responsive websites and applications. If you’re satisfied with your Kosciusko Connect plan, think about how much better it would be with an extra boost. With faster speeds, you’ll enjoy even more bandwidth for your home’s devices.

newyear img2

#3: Enjoy more time with family

Living far away from loved ones isn't easy. In 2023, connect over long distances with fiber internet. Video calls can take up a lot of bandwidth, especially when you’re calling multiple family members or friends at one time. With fiber, experience zero interruptions and spend more quality time with those you love.

#4: Level up your game:

As far as gaming goes, fiber internet changes the playing field. Enjoy low latency, low jitter, and a better experience with friends when you switch to fiber and leave loading bars behind. If you have gaming goals for 2023, Kosciusko Connect’s high speeds can help you achieve them.

newyear img3

#5: Cut the cord and start streaming

Streaming TV over your Wi-Fi connection is significantly more reliable and often less expensive than flipping through channels with traditional TV. When you switch to streaming, you can get personalized recommendations and watch lists from Kosciusko Connect’s streaming tool and enjoy frustration-free movie nights for the whole year.

Create your 2023 watch list with our customized streaming tool.

#6: Connect over VoIP phone service

Keep the conversation going with crystal-clear Voice over Internet Protocol phone service. Kosciusko Connect’s residential phone plans are affordable and reliable, especially if you already have our internet installed. If your New Year’s resolutions include starting a small business from home, working remotely, or catching up with old friends, sign up for Kosciusko Connect’s phone service.

#7: Learn more about fiber, technology, and navigating the internet

Is one of your New Year’s resolutions to learn more in 2023? We can help! Our Kosciusko Connect blog will keep you informed on the technology behind fiber optic internet, how to stay safe online, where to find resources for healthcare, and more. If you have something specific that you’d like to learn about on our blog this year, head over to our social media and let us know!