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Reliable VoIP Service for Conversations That Feel Like Home.

Residential Phone

Discover the VoIP Difference.


Residential Unlimited Calls provides you with unlimited local and long-distance calling without extra charges.

Anonymous Call Rejection allows you to block calls from unknown numbers for enhanced privacy.

Call Block lets you prevent specific numbers from reaching you, keeping your time focused and private.

Call Forwarding ensures you never miss an important call by redirecting them to another number.

Call Logs offer a detailed history of incoming and outgoing calls for easy tracking.

Call Return makes it easy to dial back the last person who called you with just a button press.

Call Waiting alerts you to incoming calls while you’re on another call, so you can switch with ease.

Caller ID helps you identify incoming callers at a glance and decide which calls to take.

Do Not Disturb silences all incoming calls, giving you uninterrupted time when needed.

Find-Me/Follow-Me directs your calls to any number you choose, ensuring you’re always reachable.

Speed Dial sets up your most important contacts for quick and easy calling.

3-Way Calling adds a third participant to your calls for more collaborative conversations.

Voicemail keeps you informed of your messages with a dependable system.

Voicemail to Email sends your voicemail messages directly to your email for convenient listening and storage.

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