The Ultimate
Wi-Fi Experience

Residential Internet Plans

Speed Pro

$79.95 / month

Never question whether your internet is fast enough again. This superior connection delivers strong Wi-Fi, even when everyone is online. Built for gaming, streaming, remote work, and more.


$64.95 / month

The perfect plan if you need your connection to be on its game at all times. Great for watching your favorite shows and movies on streaming services. Our most recommended plan.


$49.95 / month

Check email, browse the internet, and shop online with ease using this simple, reliable connection. Not recommended for streaming or households that have multiple devices and users.

Rates do not include taxes and fees. A pre-pay deposit applied toward your first bill is required prior to installation.

The Kosciusko Connect App

The Kosciusko Connect App

The FREE Kosicusko Connect network management app is powered by CommandIQ and will take your home internet experience to the next level. This app allows you to:

  • View and manage all connected devices
  • Pause the internet for any device, any time
  • Create a guest Wi-Fi network
  • Easily change your Wi-Fi name and password
  • Run speed tests and troubleshoot

The GigaSpire BLAST u6 router, included with your internet plan, is required to use the Kosciusko Connect app. Download the app on your smartphone or tablet to customize your internet experience.

Get the most out of your in-home fiber experience with these powerful upgrades:

Get the most out of your in-home fiber experience with these powerful upgrades:

Guardian: Unlock the full potential of your in-home Wi-Fi with advanced network security, network customization, and in-depth parental controls.

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Home Wi-Fi Extender: Do you have a large home? Our mesh Wi-Fi extenders boost your signal for an equally strong connection in every corner. During your home installation, your service technician can help you determine if a Wi-Fi extender is right for you.

Home Wi-Fi Extender