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Inside the Installation: How Your Fiber Internet Gets Installed


Posted by: Kosciusko Connect 2 years ago

When you switch to fiber internet, an installation process follows that can seem complicated. However, it’s this very process that ensures your connection is reliable, long-lasting, and fast. At Kosciusko Connect, we prioritize building, installing, and maintaining a high-quality fiber internet connection for your home.

Instead of leaving you in the dark while we walk through the steps, we want to give you an inside look at the installation process. This blog will explain how fiber gets constructed and installed in your home and why it’s more reliable than other internet delivery methods.

Kosciusko Connect technician working on lines in bucket truck

How Fiber Installation Works

When you call to sign up for Kosciusko Connect, we’ll let you know when construction and installation are expected to take place. You may see one of our vehicles working on your street, but what’s going on before we bring the connection directly to your home?

In order to provide fiber for every home in your area that wants it, we have to make sure we’re installing it properly and taking the time needed at every step of the process. This part of the process is called the “drop install” and does not require you to be at home. Here’s what our to-do list looks like during the drop install:

  1. Getting permission from the pole owner: Before we run fiber to the pole, we have to follow governmental regulations involving engineering and technical assessments, financial estimates, and existing equipment adjustments. This process can take some time, but Kosciusko Connect is set up for success as a subsidiary of Kosciusko REMC, and we work as quickly as we can to get fiber up and running in your home.
  2. Install fiber from the pole to your home: Once everything is cleared, the installers can run fiber along the pole and then to your home. If you have overhead electrical service, you’ll have an overhead fiber drop, and if you have underground electrical service, your fiber will be installed underground.
  3. Schedule the home installation: We’re one step closer! When the fiber is all set up outside the home, you’ll be asked to schedule a home installation with us. During the home installation, our fiber technician needs to access the inside of your home to set up our equipment and get your network connected, so it’s important for you to be at home.

Closer shot of Kosciusko Connect technician working on lines in truck

Connecting Your Home to Fiber

Now that the fiber has been installed and the technician is setting everything up, there are a few more decisions for you to make:

  • The Wi-Fi’s reach: The technician will help you place the Kosciusko Connect router in a centrally located position of the house, but if you find that there are still areas that don’t receive a high-speed signal because of the distance from the router, we can help! Kosciusko Connect offers Wi-Fi extenders to distribute your online connection equally to every corner of your residence. Let our technician know if you’d like a Wi-Fi extender, or call us at 574-269-0327.
  • Customization and control: If you want to run speed tests, view online devices, change the name and password of your network, and so much more, make sure you download the Kosciusko Connect app from the App Store or Google Play. The app will provide the customization and online control you didn’t know was possible.

Drone shot of Kosciusko Connect bucket trucks

Your Brand-New Internet Experience

From now on, your home internet network will never be the same. Welcome to fast fiber!

At Kosciusko Connect, we don’t leave you to figure things out on your own after the installation. We’re here for you, whatever your internet needs may be, and we want to make sure your experience only gets better from here.

A few ways we can help…

  • One of the Kosciusko Connect features we love the most is Guardian network security. Guardian is an add-on to your Kosciusko Connect app that allows you even more control over your network preferences. It gives you access to your kids’ devices so you can set time limits on specified apps and view what websites and content they’re accessing, from your own phone. Guardian also protects your network from viruses and security threats, which you’ll be able to view from the app. Call us today to set up Guardian!
  • Network controls are great, but you can’t customize your online experience if you have no way to learn about what you’re using. Kosciusko Connect will never leave you unequipped. We provide resources for learning about Wi-Fi, streaming, and tech use in the home on our blog. At Kosciusko Connect, we understand how overwhelming the online world can feel, and we want to help you navigate it from your own home.
  • If you have any questions about your internet connection, call 574-269-0327 to talk to a customer service representative. We work hard to equip everyone at Kosciusko Connect with the knowledge and experience needed to help our internet users, and if they don’t have an answer, they’ll connect you with someone who does. If you need technical assistance outside of our office hours, call our 24/7 support at 888-299-5236.

Check your home’s availability for a high-speed Wi-Fi connection with our fiber internet map.

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