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Kosciusko Connect Brings Fiber Internet Education to Local Sixth Graders


Posted by: Kosciusko Connect 2 months ago

Warsaw, Ind. (May 20, 2024) Kosciusko Connect, a leading fiber internet provider and subsidiary of Kosciusko REMC, recently partnered with Washington STEM Academy to deliver an engaging and educational experience to sixth-grade students. The fiber internet lesson plan and presentation aimed to teach students about the science behind fiber internet technology through hands-on activities that align with Indiana state education standards.

Haley Donahue speaks about fiber internet technology to Washington STEM 6th grade students.

Haley Donahue, a customer engagement specialist, and member of the marketing & communications team at Kosciusko Connect, worked closely with STEM coach Mr. Derek Pike to design a series of interactive lessons tailored to the students’ curriculum. These activities included demonstrations on how fiber optic signals are transmitted through the home, what objects might interfere with a Wi-Fi signal, and analog vs. digital signals.

“Our goal was to make learning about this technology fun and accessible,” said Donahue. “We hope that collaborating with the school has given the students a unique opportunity to see real-world applications of these technological and scientific concepts.”

A Washington STEM student completes a worksheet explaining the difference between analog and digital signals.

The students responded enthusiastically to the program, participating in the experiments, and asking insightful questions about the technology. The fiber presentation day was a tremendous success, providing both an educational and entertaining experience for the students.

Pictured from left to right are Kosciusko REMC Marketing & Communications Specialist,  Andrea Melton, Kosciusko Connect Customer Engagement Specialist, Haley Donahue, Kosciusko REMC VP of Broadband & Technology, Curt Barkey, and Washington STEM coach, Derek Pike.

Kosciusko Connect is committed to supporting local education and fostering a deeper understanding of technology among young learners. By investing in the community and promoting STEM education, Kosciusko Connect aims to provide young people with a deeper understanding of fiber technology and enhanced digital literacy. For more information about Kosciusko Connect and their community initiatives, please visit or contact Andrea Melton at

Kosciusko Connect is a subsidiary of Kosciusko REMC, a Touchstone Energy electric cooperative serving over 18,500 accounts throughout Kosciusko County and into surrounding counties.