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Kosciusko Connect Launches Activity Book for Kids


Posted by: Kosciusko Connect 5 months ago

Warsaw, Ind. (February 27, 2024) Kosciusko Connect, a leading provider of fiber internet services in Kosciusko County, is thrilled to announce the release of its first educational activity book, aimed at fostering digital literacy in children and promoting safe and responsible internet activity.

The Kosciusko Connect activity book.

Developed and designed by Customer Engagement Specialist, Haley Donahue, the Kosciusko Connect activity book for kids is a collection of coloring pages, puzzles, and educational activities featuring three loveable characters: Core, Speedy, and Splice. These charming characters guide children through a series of engaging activities designed to make learning about fiber internet and technology both fun and informative.

Donahue said designing the activity book was fulfilling a childhood dream. “As a kid I wanted to be an artist. I never thought that art had so many forms. Instead of sculpting or painting, I was creating art digitally,” said Donahue.

The goal of promoting safe online activity was important to Donahue. “Kids are exposed to so much these days. As a parent and youth leader, I stress this daily. Phones are an extension of these kids’ hands, and it is up to us (adults) to show both the value in internet and the warning signs,” Donahue emphasized.

VP of Marketing & Communications Tara Haack said “We’re excited to introduce this interactive activity book to the community. At Kosciusko Connect, we believe in empowering the next generation with knowledge about the digital world and how to navigate it safely.”

Haley Donahue holds the Kosciusko Connect activity book. On her shoulder sits a crocheted version of “Splice,” a character who appears in the activity book.

The free Kosciusko Connect activity book is available at the Kosciusko Connect office at 370 S 250 E in Warsaw. Additionally, the fiber installation team will be distributing the activity books during their visits to households with children present. Kosciusko Connect is excited for all young members of the community to have access to this fun and educational resource.Kosciusko Connect is a subsidiary of Kosciusko REMC, a Touchstone Energy electric cooperative serving over 18,500 accounts throughout Kosciusko County and into surrounding counties.