25 Online Tools to Help You
Reach Your Education Goals

Education is a vital part of our lives at every stage. Whether you’re in eighth grade or eighty years old, we have a resource for you! There is so much you can learn from the comfort of your home, and countless online tools that can help you flourish in your in-person classes. And with fast fiber internet, your education knows no bounds. Check out these 25 apps and websites to get started on your virtual learning journey.

Elementary student learning at home with laptop


Starfall is a reading assistance platform for Pre-K through third-grade students. This program is provided by Starfall Education Foundation, a nonprofit created by Dr. Stephen Schutz. Schutz struggled with reading as a child because of dyslexia, which later motivated him to start Starfall. With this platform, young students can enjoy untimed, multisensory, and interactive learning games focused on math and reading.

Spelling Training is a website designed to help kids practice their spelling words in fun, interactive ways. It was created and programmed by a dad of an elementary student, and intended for fun, practical spelling development.

Wonderopolis has this motto: “Where the wonders of learning never cease.” The digital learning platform poses questions, or “wonders,” every day to spur curiosity and a hunger for learning in kids. All the “wonders” are user-submitted questions. Wonderopolis was created by the National Center for Families Learning. Examples of the questions that the platform explored are: Where did the idea for pie come from? How do squids ink? What is emotional intelligence?

Education.com’s math games are a great way for elementary schoolers to learn and practice their math skills. You can filter the games by grade (preschool through eighth) and by subject. The subjects available include puzzles, math word problems, data and graphing, division, and much more. These math games aim to help students have fun and stay motivated while practicing math. There are also guided lessons, lesson plans, and printable worksheets available as additional resources.

Sheppard Software has content for preschoolers and kindergarteners, elementary students, and grades all the way through college. There are even a few resources for adults available. However, Sheppard Software is especially helpful for kids because of the hundreds of educational games, activities, and quizzes. The platform covers subjects like math, health, languages, animals, and geography.

Middle school student learning at home on computer

Middle School

StoriumEDU is reinventing creative storytelling by finding ways to gamify the process and drawing in many students who never would have been interested in writing otherwise. StoriumEDU is a great way to implement creative writing in the classroom or at home with interactive and intrinsically motivating elements. Students can nurture their creativity by crafting a story in dialogue with other students, using original thought and virtual playing cards as prompts.

Chegg is a great learning platform for any grade, but especially for middle school, because it assists students facing the new challenge of homework and more advanced class material in the transition from elementary school. Chegg offers homework help, exam preparation, expert Q&As, citations, plagiarism and grammar checking, and more.

ThinkCERCA is a research-based literacy program that provides a framework for literacy development in third grade through high school. Its goals are to foster critical thinking skills in students by setting them up for success in academic activities like content analysis and cohesive argumentation. The platform offers training series, consultative programs, and educational resources for teachers to present or pass along to students.

TypingClub measures a student’s skill level with a placement test, then encourages as little as a few minutes of typing practice every day, resulting in quick progress. On this platform, students K-12 can enjoy fun typing lessons without an account, or with a profile to save progress. What we like about TypingClub is how they explain why learning how to type is important, and the accessibility it allows.

Popplet is a platform for students to build their ideas in an interactive, visual way. With Popplet, you can build your own outlines and mind maps for studying before an exam or to learn an obscure topic more thoroughly. For example, a student could use Popplet to make an outline of their essay with pop-out segments and reminders; or, they could upload photos and notes in a customized map to study a unit of history or social studies.

High school student studies on laptop in park

High School

Khan Academy is a resource for all grades, but it’s especially known for its thorough standardized testing preparation. With Khan Academy, students can take practice SAT tests, study a wide variety of subjects, and get video explanations to questions they have. Topics include math, science, computing, economics, language arts, and even life skills.

Bartleby offers study help through tutoring, writing tools, paper proofreading, and popular questions and answers. If a high schooler is struggling with a class, they can study material and discover problem-solving methods to help them prepare for a test. Bartleby can also help students think of essay topic ideas and learn how to analyze literary texts.

Course Hero will provide study resources, homework help, and textbook solutions for students needing help. It’s especially customizable because students can find their specific course at their school and access personalized help to get them started on frustrating homework. Course Hero is designed to equip students for the future by arming them with better study skills.

Dragon Anywhere from Nuance Communications is an app designed to save you time and effort through mobile dictation. Instead of laboring over a keyboard for hours to turn in a last-minute essay, let Dragon Anywhere dictate as you speak into your mobile device. Dragon Anywhere claims no word limits, up to 99% accuracy, and an easy system to correct spelling. From the app, you can share your dictated documents by email, Dropbox, and other methods.

CollegeBoard provides SAT and other standardized test practice tests for high schoolers, along with webinars, college searches, and scholarship opportunities. There are resources and guides for students to start thinking about their career paths and finding practical steps forward. As a not-for-profit, CollegeBoard aims to prepare students for success in their higher education before they even get on campus.

College students learning together on laptop

Higher Education

StudySmarter will help college students boost their grades and take their exams more confidently than ever. These online study tools include a personalized note-taking platform, study sets verified by educators, and an intelligent study planner.

GoConqr holds an impressive library of resources, with over 10 million members throughout the world who enjoy its study help. Flashcards, mind maps, notes, quizzes, slides, and flowcharts will help students customize their study flow in a way that works for them. GoConqr’s goal is to make education personal by helping students connect to other learners and build their knowledge base and study skills through a vast supply of resources and study techniques.

Resume Help is a great tool for college students looking ahead to the start of their careers. This platform helps students build their resumes and cover letter to present themselves as the skilled professionals they’re becoming. College students can approach the task of creating their resumes without the daunting expectation of a blank page. Resume Help provides easy templates, examples of successful resumes, expert help, and career coaches to guide you through the process.

Standout is an online platform for higher education students who want to refine their interview skills. Before heading into a real job interview, get some practice with Standout’s video interviews and preparation resources. Students can record their responses to questions and get analyses to grow their confidence and skills.

LinkedIn Learning offers career-oriented courses at your own pace for preparing for and excelling in a chosen path. While you connect with like-minded professionals on LinkedIn, take advantage of their knowledge base and resources to prepare for post-college life. LinkedIn Learning is also a great tool for those already working in their fields to learn and advance, or to try new skills.

Adult man taking notes while learning on laptop

Outside Academia

Memrise is a great online tool if you’re ready to learn a new language outside of a physical classroom. Everyone has heard of Duolingo, Rosetta Stone, and Babbel, but if you’re interested in trying something different, check out Memrise. With a handy AI conversation partner, thousands of videos to see words you’ve just learned in action, and native speakers instead of computerized voices, you’ll fly through your chosen language. Memrise can personalize your language learning based on your interests to keep you engaged and provide real-world context for practical application.

TED Talks are well-known for their innovative messages and groundbreaking new ideas, but did you know that TED offers so much more than 10-minute speeches? Check out TED Courses and other ways to learn from a variety of people around the world. These four-week courses connect you to a global network of other curious minds and may spark new interests in you to pursue skills and knowledge. Examples of TED courses include, “How to Reimagine Your Career,” “How to Boost Your Brain and Memory,” and “How to Master Life Transitions.”

Goodreads is a go-to online platform for book readers. Whether you want to find the latest and greatest cookbook, be moved by a memoir, or dive into history and science, Goodreads can help. Check out their articles and categorized lists, read reviews from friends and trusted readers, and get personalized recommendations for what to read next.

Skillshare strives for creativity and hands-on learning with every new course they add to its library. Learn about every niche of design, arts, IT, tech, music, productivity, and so much more. With thousands of hands-on classes at your fingertips and 11k+ teachers to guide you, Skillshare is the place for learning creative new skills at any age.

GetSetUp is an excellent online platform for older adults who want to learn a new skill. Whether it’s technology, travel, or relaxing yoga classes, seniors will enjoy these interactive classes at their own pace and have opportunities to connect to a variety of global social communities.

Learn more about GetSetUp.


Are you ready to pursue some consistent, motivated learning goals? These 25 websites and tools for learning will give you a starting place, no matter your grade level or age. If you need help maintaining your learning progress, we can help you find the right time management platform for you.