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Connect's Business
Development Specialist

Kosciusko Connect is making a difference in the lives of our residential customers, providing them with a valuable connection to the internet unprecedented by their former providers. Now, we’re looking to the future as we connect local businesses to the fast fiber optic they need.

Riley Delp is our business development specialist, leading the way in our fiber installations for businesses and helping each business owner walk through the process. In this blog, Delp will explain Kosciusko Connect’s vision for business development and how our residential connection process translates into fiber for businesses.

What is unique about Kosciusko Connect’s business internet service?

Riley Delp: We want to make sure that businesses have the internet connection they need to succeed. What’s challenging and amazing is that every order and every business is different. Some businesses have an advanced system and managed service providers. Because every business’s needs are unique, we have the opportunity and ability to personalize each experience.

My favorite parts of Kosciusko Connect’s business offerings are the high speeds and customer service.

All our speeds are symmetrical, meaning the download and upload speeds are the same. That means you’re going to have incredible quality in your video calls without having to wait long for anything to load. There’s almost no comparison to other internet providers because fiber optic delivers what you’re paying for.

Customer service is local. I’m the business development specialist; if you have any issues, billing questions, or concerns, that’s what I’m here for. If you call me with an issue, I can send technicians out to help when they’re needed.

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Why should businesses choose Kosciusko Connect over other internet provider options?

RD: When considering internet options, I would encourage businesses to look at their current bill, run some speed tests, and figure out what they’re paying for versus what they’re getting.

Whatever kind of connection you need for your business, we can make it happen. You’re not going to be spending unnecessary time on the phone with a big internet company, trying to figure out why your connection is down. The service we provide is reliable and efficient, and brings our businesses peace of mind.

I often ask businesses, “Why are you considering making the switch to Kosciusko Connect?” And they say, “My speeds are awful,” or “I’m not getting what I’m paying for,” or “The customer service isn’t good.”

There’s something about supporting the community and wanting businesses to grow that’s empowering because we’re one of those businesses. We feel like we’re making a difference here at Kosciusko Connect. Everybody – from the technicians to the VPs to the member service representatives – every single person is a part of this amazing thing we’re doing.

As a subsidiary of Kosciusko REMC, how does Kosciusko Connect echo cooperative values?

RD: Members and business owners on KREMC lines trust our electric cooperative. We’re trustworthy, and Kosciusko Connect is a part of that. It’s the same passion as KREMC.

For me, it’s not just a job. It’s way more than that. Yes, we offer great speeds, and we’re reliable, but it’s the why that matters most. We’re not selling something we don’t believe in. We believe in it.

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How does Kosciusko Connect’s fiber internet improve business operations?

RD: With our service, businesses get to be more productive, more efficient and have more time for everything else when they’re not dealing with poor internet. Some businesses have cash registers that operate over the internet, so if the internet is down, they can’t do business, and their revenue is cut short. If, for some reason, there is an issue, Kosciusko Connect works hard to fix it as quickly as possible.

Some businesses have told me their internet has been down several times within one month, and because of that, they can’t make money, they can’t operate their business, and they can’t communicate with their customers. As a business owner, you don’t want your customer to call or come in and not have access to your services because of poor internet. That makes a lasting, negative impression on the customer. We don’t want that to happen to your business.

How do you add value to a business customer’s experience with Kosciusko Connect?

RD: I have a heart for community and want to help your business succeed. I want to be a part of the puzzle pieces coming together, all the businesses helping other businesses succeed. They want to be heard, and I want to listen. They want to know that if they have a problem or a question, we’ll be there, and we are. They don’t just want reliable service but also reliable customer service. It’s important to me to take the time to understand a business.

Most of the time, I go out and personally meet the business owner on-site. I love doing that because we can put faces to names, tour their facility, and get the ins and outs. My goal is to develop a meaningful, professional relationship with you and learn about your business. We have the tools and knowledge to recommend what would be best for your internet service, and we want to provide you with that kind of experience from the start.


If you’re a local business owner, join us on our mission to equip Kosciusko County businesses with the tools they need for meaningful connections. Check your availability for our fiber optic internet here: