5 Ways to Preserve Your
Core Memories Online

From unforgettable holiday parties and fun-filled vacations to slow mornings at home and strolls through the farmer’s market, our lives are best lived creating memories with the ones we love most. Preserving those core moments online allows you to reminisce on the good times for years to come, without worrying about lost, stolen, or faded photographs. Here’s how you can use the internet to keep family memories fresh:

Take Advantage of Cloud Storage

With a smartphone, you can take photos and capture videos everywhere you go. But what happens when you switch providers or, worse, lose your phone? Cloud storage systems like Dropbox and Google Drive allow you to store your memories online, so you can always access them no matter what happens to your physical device.

Make a Digital Photo Album

Gone are the days when you have to take a trip to Michaels to purchase a photo album and scrapbook materials. Paid online project platforms such as Shutterfly make creating a digital photo album easy. Choose from hundreds of templates, stickers, borders, and backgrounds, and then add your personal photos and comments. With options such as Becky Higgins’ Digital Project Life, you can even scrapbook from your smartphone via an app. Once you finish, save the project for later or order the completed album to be printed and shipped to your home.

Mother and two kids smile at iPad

Create an Online Journal

Have you ever wanted to capture a moment, only to forget the special details when you get home? Memorialize those times right from your phone, tablet, or computer with an online journal like Penzu. Not only is it free, but the company uses password-protected entries to ensure your personal information remains private. If you’re still uneasy about security, upgrade to the PRO+ version, $49.99 a year, for military-grade, 256-bit AES encryption.

Send Modern Day Letters

If you yearn for the days of receiving a treasure trove of letters from loved ones, then you’re sure to appreciate this modern twist on an old tradition. Some parents document their newborn babies’ lives by creating email accounts and sending their children special letters every day. By attaching photos and videos, you create a unique time capsule to share with them when they’re older.

Digitize Your Old Photos and Videos

Physical copies of photos and family videos can vanish in an instant if tragedy strikes. That’s why internet services like iMemories and Legacybox will digitize them for you. Simply send in your boxes of videos and photographs, and they’ll create digital versions that you and your family can access securely online.


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