How to Take Your Home
Office to the Next Level

Working remotely is not a new concept, but we’re still learning how to set ourselves up for a healthy workflow and build an optimal home office space. In this blog, we’ll take you through a few of our favorite kinds of smart devices to add to your home office. Let’s dive right in!

A Smart Printer

If you’re tired of holding your breath as you hope your old, clunky printer spits out what you told it to, this might be the year to finally get a smart printer. Print, scan, or copy with ease and keep your workflow moving forward with the Canon Pixma TS9120. Photos print in beautiful, high-quality resolution with the option to quickly apply filters before you print. Better yet, this printer connects wirelessly to all of your devices (yes, including your phone) via Bluetooth, Google Cloud, or even social media, so you can tap, print, and go in seconds.

A Video Doorbell

Don’t let the doorbell pull you away from your cozy office (and your to-do list) just as you’re getting focused. Instead, use Ring Video Doorbell’s Wi-Fi-connected video camera to quickly check your front porch from your smartphone. Whether it’s UPS or your local Girl Scouts, you’ll know right away whether you need to step away from your desk to get the door. Plus, this popular product comes with lifetime purchase protection, customizable motion zones, and a straightforward installation process that won’t take half your workday to complete.

Woman smiling at laptop in her cozy home office

A Task Management System

Setting goals is one thing. Staying on track to accomplish them? Well, that’s a little trickier… until you have a solid task management system in place. If you’re still relying on sticky notes and your short-term memory, check out, Asana, or for a more efficient workflow and system. This software allows you to share files easily, prioritize goals, organize your task calendar, set notifications, color code items, and more. Use it for your personal to-do list or tap into each software’s unique team features for easy collaboration at any scale. 

For more recommendations, check out our time management blog.

Smart Lights

Nothing makes working from home quite as difficult as ending every day with strained eyes and a headache from the constant blue light that your screens give off. We always recommend blue light blocking glasses, but you should also check out smart lights! In addition to relieving the strain on your eyes throughout the day, smart lights can help you set the perfect mood for concentration and focus throughout your work routine.

Choose from ambient settings included in our recommendations to give your home office the kind of lighting it deserves.

Phillips Hue Smart Light Starter Kits

Ezvalo Smart Desk Lamp

Lume Cube Edge LED Desk Light

BLACK+DECKER Verve Designer Smart Clamp Light

Man using french press to make coffee in kitchen

Smart Coffee Break

Everyone starts their day a little differently, but for many of us, coffee is an essential part of waking up and getting focused. Whether you down several cups before launching into your workday, or you’re more of a leisurely coffee consumer, check out these smart coffee makers for your home office.

Hamilton Beach Smart Coffee Maker

K-Supreme SMART Single Serve Coffee Maker

Café Specialty Drip Coffee Maker

Smart Notetaking

If you work in a home office, you probably have a system for taking notes throughout the day, organizing your to-do list, and scribbling reminders for later. With a smart notetaking device, you can organize your files and annotate documents directly on the device. These devices convert your handwritten paragraphs into typed text and often don’t have a blue light glare. Here are a few recommendations from us!

reMarkable 2

Geniatech Kloudnote ePaper Tablet

Check out a few options for smart pens.

Faster Internet

Smart devices are great tools that can take your home office to the next level, but you’ll need to make sure your internet can power them all. To make your remote work even smarter, consider high-quality VoIP phone service for all your non-Zoom business interactions. Don’t let slow internet and a lagging phone connection hold you back from your full potential. Instead, check your availability for Kosciusko Connect’s fiber internet to ensure you have the equipped network you need to power your career and your home office!

For an extra boost, ask us about our mesh extender! Call 574-269-0327 to speak to a Kosciusko Connect representative and learn more today.