Meet the Team: Wendy Salgado


KC Meet the Team Wendy

Meet the Team is a new series of Q&A articles highlighting our valuable Kosciusko Connect employees.


Wendy Salgado - Lead Dispatcher


Q: Tell us about your role as Lead Dispatcher at Kosciusko Connect. What does a typical day look like for you?


A: As the Lead Dispatcher, I try my best to ensure our team is cared for and equipped with what is needed. I am also known as the “Chaos Coordinator.” A day in my role can go many ways. From taking new orders to installing fiber, answering questions about our process, billing questions, handling service calls, dispatching jobs to the field, and taking calls from the field for support.


Q: Could you share some highlights of your career journey and what led you to become a part of our team?


A: I started as an MSR for KREMC and took the Dispatcher position in 2021 and I love my job. I was an MSR for 5 years and was ready for a change. I wanted to be a part of a team that is dedicated to better serving the community. When I heard that we were going to start Kosciusko Connect, I took the initiative to make myself better and learn how I could do this. I am now the Lead Dispatcher, which is more than exciting for me.


Q: Kosciusko Connect has rapidly connected over 7,800 subscribers to its fiber internet network since its launch in 2021. What aspects of this growth have been most exciting for you?


A: The simple fact that we are now over 7,800 subscribers is exciting enough!

It is also super exciting when a subscriber calls and tells you how much they appreciate Kosciusko Connect because they now have an internet service where they have gone years without it. We are opening new opportunities for these members.


Q: In your opinion, what sets Kosciusko Connect apart from other internet providers?


A: I fully believe what sets Kosciusko Connect apart from the others is that we are a local company. We have a local office in the area and are more than happy to talk to anyone. Most of us here at Kosciusko Connect are natives to the area and use the same services. We take our time with the subscribers to answer their questions and speak to them on a personal level.


Q: Outside of work, what are some of your interests or hobbies? Any fun facts about you that our subscribers might find surprising?


A: Outside of work, I enjoy being at home! I love to garden, spend time with my family, and make crafts out of resin.