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Today’s streaming technology provides endless entertainment opportunities. From movies, both classic and just-released in cinemas, to binge-worthy TV series, streaming apps and platforms let you dive into gripping stories.

But there is another more constructive side to digital life: the large swath of educational shows to enrich children's growing minds and pique their curiosity.

And you’d be surprised at how engaging—and plain fun—these educational programs can be for your kids (and maybe even for parents!)

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Below we highlight six of our favorite educational shows your family can stream, ordered roughly by their age range from toddlers to tweens.


Sesame Street (HBO Max and PBS Kids)


Of course, Sesame Street deserves a place on this list—and where else but the very top spot! But many parents are unaware that it’s streamable. HBO Max offers all-new episodes featuring classic favorite characters like Big Bird and Snuffleupagus, and PBS Kids rotates a few episodes at a time for free streaming.

Focused on toddlers, Sesame Street builds empathy by teaching values like kindness, honesty, and generosity, as well as simple, accessible lessons that introduce reading and math concepts.

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Izzy’s Koala World (Netflix)


Have an animal lover in your brood? Or a budding veterinarian? This charming Australian series follows a girl and her vet mom as she cares for and treats koalas and other animals.

It’s made for kids around ages 3 and 4. The show is brimming with fascinating facts about wildlife and the natural world and may inspire your little one to explore and learn more about it!


Ask the StoryBots (Netflix)


Netflix’s animated series Ask the StoryBots is aimed at children ages 4 and 5, but the stories and features are often compelling for older kids.

The show emphasizes developing language and listening skills and improving reading and vocabulary. Ask the StoryBots’ stimulating stories will hold your kiddo’s attention and inspire them to read and discover new tales of all kinds!


Emily’s Wonder Lab (Netflix)


Emily’s Wonder Lab pulls off two miracles—making science fun and making it understandable without overly dumbing-it-down. Its presenter’s passion for science is infectious and inspiring. Aimed at around ages 5 and 6 or so, don’t be surprised if your kid astounds you with their growing scientific knowledge and vocabulary!


Weird but True (Disney+)


Produced by National Geographic and streaming on Disney+, it’s almost impossible not to learn something fascinating on Weird but True

This amusing show focuses on science and technology’s quirkier side. Each episode is based around the kinds of seemingly out-of-the-blue questions about the world your kids probably ask you—and that you can’t answer without a deep Google search or scroll through Wikipedia!

The show’s adventures address these questions in ways both exciting and a tad eccentric but always quite informative, too.


Brainchild (Netflix)


Produced for a slightly older crowd, Brainchild focuses on the kinds of situations your kids encounter in a typical day and aims to help them answer questions as they grow and explore their world.

We also like this series because its high production values and well-developed themes can appeal to a broader age range from elementary school through the tween years.

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