Smart Devices for
Pet Owners

At Kosciusko Connect, our employees adore their furry family members, and keeping them healthy and happy is a top priority. If you feel the same way about your pets, there is a host of new smart pet gadgets that can make their care easier and much more fun. Here are some of our favorites for monitoring your pets' well-being, keeping them safe, feeding them appropriately, and saving them from boredom.

Two beagles running through snow

How to Avoid the Vet

Keep your pet fit and cut down on trips to the veterinarian with one of these clever health trackers for cats and dogs.

  1. Fitness Trackers — Animals can struggle with obesity just like humans. FitBark is a fitness tracker for dogs and cats that attaches to their collars and monitors their fitness level through an app.
  2. Activity TrackersDigital Pet Health Monitor Collar doesn’t just keep tabs on activity. It also monitors your pet’s eating, drinking, and sleep habits.
  3. Health Monitors Tailio Smart Health Monitor for Cats is a smart litter box that tracks and records your cat’s weight and changes in elimination behavior, which could indicate a health problem.

How to Keep Pets Safe and Secure

If your canine and feline buddies enjoy going outside to explore, these amazing devices are for them. They will allow your pets a little freedom while keeping them safe during their adventures.

  1. Smart Doors — Best for cats and small dogs, the SureFlap Pet Door is controlled through an app with a microchip collar device. The door will not open without chip activation, so it keeps other creepy crawlies from coming in.
  2. Location Trackers — Attach the Pawscout GPS device to your pet’s collar to ensure location tracking if your furry friend likes to gallivant around town or gets lost while foraging outside.
  3. Smart Pet Cameras — If you get nervous leaving your pet alone at home for extended periods of time, try a smart pet camera like Furbo’s Treat-Tossing Dog Camera. You’ll be able to check in on your furry friend on your mobile phone and toss them a treat with the push of a button. According to their website, Furbo’s dog camera has saved over 29,000 dogs from emergencies like home fires, injuries, and intruders in the home.

Orange and black cat eating food from smart feeder

How to Manage Mealtime

Pets are happier when they’re on a routine, especially when it comes to mealtime. When you’re away at work or late getting home, these smart food and treat dispensers ensure that your pets don’t miss a meal.

  1. Feeders for Overeaters — With a Dogness Pet Automatic Feeder, you can set meal times for your pet and program portions that are healthiest for them. This smart pet feeder also has a large-capacity hopper to decrease refills and a built-in speaker to record customized voice messages for your pet.
  2. Feeders for Multiple Pets Sure Petcare Microchip Smart Pet Feeder will only open for a specific pet, so Fido’s days of stealing his buddy’s dinner are over.
  3. Automatic Wet Food Dispenser — Use this Cat Mate Automatic Dog & Cat Feeder to keep your pets fed with either wet or dry food. The feeder allows you to use an ice pack and a close-fitting lid to keep food fresh.

White fluffy puppy staring bored at ball

How to Beat Pet Boredom

You don’t have to be home to keep your pets entertained. Try these cool gadgets that will exercise your four-legged pal’s body (and brain) while you’re away.

  1. Ball Tossers — Provide your dog with endless entertainment throughout the day, thanks to iFetch. You preset the distance you’d like the balls to travel, and your pooch does the rest by fetching the ball and dropping it back in.
  2. Pet Puzzles — With CleverPet Hub, you can challenge your dog’s mind as she deciphers increasingly complex puzzles, and keep track of her progress through your smartphone app.
  3. Cat Lasers — There’s nothing cats enjoy more than chasing a laser pointer. The PetSafe Bolt Pet Laser is an automatic laser toy that stimulates your feline’s hunting instincts even when you’re not around to play with her.

To keep these fun pet technology products running smoothly, you’ll need quality bandwidth and a reliable network. Check out Kosciusko Connect’s fast fiber internet to ensure your pet’s safety and health with these devices.