Our Guide to
Speed Tests

Testing the speed of your internet connection is easy, but it’s also easy to misunderstand the results. Your devices — TVs, router, smartphones, laptops, desktops, etc. — have different capabilities, and you can get different results on each one, even while using the same internet connection.

This is particularly noticeable to users taking advantage of higher speed packages, like the 500 Mbps or the 1000 Mbps service offered by Kosciusko Connect.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when evaluating your speed test results: Young woman on computer and holding coffee mug

Hard-Wired vs. Wireless

For the most accurate speed test results, test with a hard-wired device instead of a wireless one. Even with a fast connection, devices connected over Wi-Fi won’t test as high as the actual speed your home’s router is receiving. When using the Kosciusko Connect app to test your internet speeds, the results will be based on the connection from your router to the ONT to our speed test server, which is a reliable, wired connection. Choosing Kosciusko Connect’s in-app speed tests means you’re simplifying the process and getting more accurate results.

Why? Because when you’re running a wireless speed test, there are nearly endless variables that can negatively affect a Wi-Fi signal, from nearby construction or the wireless printer in the home office to a baby monitor or microwave in use in the home. Wireless technology also affects your speeds on your Local Area Network (LAN). The standard of your device’s Wi-Fi plays a significant role in how your network sends and receives data. Kosciusko Connect’s standard is Wi-Fi 6, which will guarantee faster speeds.

If you’re having trouble with your speed test, reach out to Kosciusko Connect’s support team at 888-299-5236 for help detecting wireless interference.

Keep in mind that one limitation with a hard-wired connection is testing with a device that has a 100 Mbps NIC (Network Interface Card) or other older technology. Using out-of-date hardware can severely limit your speeds.

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Possible Problems Affecting Speed and Speed Tests

  • Slow internet speeds are sometimes caused by malware such as adware and viruses. Instead of leaving your network unprotected, trust Guardian’s network security to block these threats from your devices. Call Kosciusko Connect at 574-269-0327 to learn more about Guardian.
  • This may sound obvious, but it’s very easy to overlook any ongoing downloads or programs like video chat that may be turned on while you’re conducting a speed test on your device. Close these applications, reboot your device, and test again.
  • Even the browser you use — Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge, etc. — can affect your test speed. Try different browsers to see if that’s the case on your system.
  • This brings us to a final point about equipment. Technology advances constantly, and many older routers and computers simply cannot take full advantage of the blazing speed and bandwidth of today’s fiber broadband connectivity.

Curt Barkey, Kosciusko Connect’s Vice President of Technology and Broadband, advocates strongly for the technology we provide.

“The backend hardware that the users don’t see is manufactured by the same company as the hardware the consumer uses. Therefore, it all works together nicely, and we can support our users better when they take our hardware,” Barkey said.

When you’re ready to upgrade your technology, make sure your new equipment has the network cards and internal processing power that can leverage the speed of market-leading fiber broadband like that from Kosciusko Connect.

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How to Run a Speed Test

When your Kosciusko Connect fast fiber internet is installed, a technician will test your speeds to make sure everything is running smoothly. If you haven’t yet run a speed test on your device after the installation, we highly recommend it. Especially if you’ve run a past speed test on your old internet, it can be astonishing to see the difference fiber makes. Speed tests can be run for free on the following websites:

Whatever platform you use, make sure it doesn’t have ads. Ad-heavy speed test sites can reduce your speed test results. The best way to test your internet speeds is with the Kosciusko Connect app, which isn’t affected by the problems listed in this blog because the test results are received directly through your network.

If you’re disappointed by speed test results from an internet connection that isn’t provided by Kosciusko Connect, it’s time for an upgrade. Learn more about Kosciusko Connect and our affordable residential services here.