Get to Know Your
Local Library Virtually

If card catalogs and the Dewey Decimal System are what you remember about your local library, you’re probably long overdue for a visit. And with fast and reliable internet from Kosciusko Connect, you can do it from the comfort of your home. 

Whether you’re a book lover, a browser, or a research junkie, virtual library resources are available at your fingertips. Little girl reading on digital screen

Your Library’s Digital Resources

These days most libraries are equipped with digital lending services. Thankfully, this framework was already in place before COVID ever entered the scene. Now, the demand for e-resources is still extremely prevalent, and libraries have graciously risen to the occasion.

Most libraries use a platform called Hoopla to support their digital lending services. Hoopla bills itself as “a web and mobile library media streaming platform for audiobooks, comics, e-books, movies, music, and TV.” Other libraries use a service called OverDrive, “the leading digital reading platform for libraries and schools worldwide,” which in turn hosts the apps Libby and Sora. Whatever platform your library uses, you’re guaranteed access to a premium experience with thousands of digital resources available.

Why choose virtual library services? Not only does digital lending allow you the comfort and safety of staying at home, it’s also significantly less expensive than buying new books directly from a retailer—approximately 100% cheaper, in fact. Buying books, whether digital or paperback, can add up over time. Even renting e-books comes with an expense, especially for the voracious reader. Access the same content for free by taking advantage of the digital resources your local library offers.

To get the most out of your virtual library experience, you’ll still need your handy library card. You’ll probably also need a username and password to log in and access the digital resources but creating a profile on these platforms is easy and free. The only other requirement is a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or any other kind of device.

These platforms work much the same way as an actual brick-and-mortar library: there are only a certain number of digital copies available for rental at any given time. Fortunately, you can put your name on the list, and you’ll get notified when the item is ready for you. You’ll also have a certain amount of time with your item(s) before they’re due to be returned to the virtual library.


Virtual Library Activities

If you want to get involved at your library beyond accessing its digital reading materials, there are additional opportunities for you. It only takes a little research to find out what virtual library events and activities are available in your community.

We’ll list a few ideas for virtual library activities that you can look for, or even suggest to your local library. Then, we’ll let you know exactly how you can get involved if you live in the Kosciusko County area.

 Little boy and older sister reading on digital screen together

Virtual Library Activities for Students

  • Online book clubs: Whether a student is in fourth grade or headed off to college, they could benefit from connecting with other students through books. If you’re a student or you’re looking for virtual library activities for students you know, consider enrolling in an online book club through your local library.
  • Group reading: If you’re looking for online library activities for elementary students, maybe it’s time to join (or start) a virtual group reading program. When young students can listen to someone read while following along with a story they’re interested in, or maybe taking turns reading out loud, their reading development has more opportunity to grow.
  • Writing buddies: This activity is for anyone who has a craving for storytelling, but it may be a particularly good online library activity for high school students. Ask your local library if they would be willing to connect young writers to each other online. By meeting regularly with a like-minded storyteller, virtual writing buddies can express creativity and develop accountability through this virtual literary connection.
  • Virtual library games: With a little investigating, you may find that your local library already offers some fun virtual library games for students. If you need ideas to suggest to your librarians, check out Miss Humblebee’s Academy for younger students, or these After-School Adventures for a variety of fun ways to spend an afternoon.


Virtual Library Programs for Adults

  • Meet the author: If you’re a reader, you probably already have a favorite author in mind that you’d like to meet. Since the pandemic, many libraries have moved some of their author events online. Although you may not get your book signed this way, it’s an easy option for hearing an author discuss their creative process and answer questions you may have about your favorite books. This is also a great opportunity to meet other readers who have the same taste in books.
  • Online library classes: Ready to learn? Keep your mind active when you pursue a new hobby with virtual library classes or tutorials. Whether you’re interested in baking, history, or poetry, there’s always something fun to learn at your local library. Many libraries also provide opportunities for online craft classes you can do from home.
  • Virtual book club: Discuss a new book with an online library community when you join a virtual book club. This is a great way to connect with others through stories and a helpful reminder to read if you need a little extra motivation. Choosing a virtual book club also makes the meetings more convenient if you have kids at home or a busy schedule that makes evening get-togethers difficult.

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Kosciusko County’s Local Library Opportunities

If you live in Kosciusko County, we did the research for you! Check out a few of the virtual options from some local libraries in our area:

Warsaw Community Public Library:

Milford Public Library:

Syracuse-Turkey Creek Township Public Library

  • Sign up for the library’s digital newsletters
  • Online articles about available titles on Libby
  • Adult book clubs over Zoom

North Webster Community Public Library:

  • Embark on a genealogy exploration with Ancestry or HeritageQuest online through this library.
  • Get learning with interactive, online Gale Courses.
  • Explore the “lifelong learning library for Hoosiers” through Inspire.

If you’re near the Bell Memorial Public Library, stay on the lookout for their virtual storytimes, coming soon!


We hope you’ve found a few virtual library resources and activities that will work for you! As always, with a high-speed connection from Kosciusko Connection, education and quality entertainment is always available. Check your availability for fast fiber internet.