How the Internet Can
Help You Keep Your
New Year's Resolutions

New Year’s resolutions are a great way to start a year out fresh with ambitious goals and the best intentions. But these lofty resolutions often feel impossible and just not worth the effort by the time February swings around. If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. But with the right apps and tools, you’ll be equipped to set and maintain realistic goals all throughout 2023.

Read on to discover the best online resources for meeting your goals—from reading or traveling more to building up your savings account or sustaining a healthier, happier lifestyle all year long.

Read More with Bookly

Become a life-long learner and start the year out right with Bookly. This free app not only helps you track what you’re reading but also how you’re reading by recording your pace, frequency, number of pages read, reading streaks, and much more.

You can organize your reading list, set goals, and even unlock achievements as you read. Whether your aim is to finish 10 books or 100 books this year, Bookly can help you crush that goal by the end of 2023. Happy reading!

Woman traveling with backpack in urban area, using phone to navigate

Travel the World with Triposo

Will this be your year to finally see the world – or at least a few new corners of it? Expand your horizons and let Triposo be your guide. This handy app will help you discover popular attractions and hidden gems around the world, then plan, personalize, and book your trip.

Once you arrive, all the features you need to explore a new place are available offline, from localized recommendations to city maps. Install the app today, and you could be exploring the world tomorrow. Who knows where the new year might take you?

Meet Savings Goals with Digit

Let 2023 be the year you finally save up enough to book that dream vacation, pay off your student loans, or get an emergency fund in place. Digit makes it easy! This app analyzes your spending habits and patterns. Then, a few times a week, it sets aside just the right amount of money into a savings account, so you can reach your financial goals without overthinking it.

There’s no limit on the number of saving goals you can set, and you’re free to withdraw from the savings account at any time. You even get a 1% savings bonus every three months! It does cost $5/month after the free 30-day trial, but seeing your savings account grow will be worth every penny.

Runner outside, tracking health with Apple watch

Live Healthy with the Apple Watch

Whether you want to lose weight, move more, or simply feel better in 2023, the Apple Watch Series 8 has your back. It comes with a host of health features that can monitor your heart rhythm for irregularities, alert you when noise levels could impact your hearing, track your activity, remind you to get up and move, and more.

Plus, with cellular connectivity, you can leave your phone behind for a hassle-free way to stream music and stay connected during your workouts. Don’t forget to check out third-party apps, too! Tools like MyFitnessPal make it easy to track your eating habits on the go, so you can transform your health one small choice at a time.


What online tools will you use to achieve your resolutions? Make sure slow internet doesn’t dampen your motivation! Call Kosciusko Connect at 574-269-0327 and get the high-speed internet you need to power them all.

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