Five Signs You Need
Better Internet

A slow, interrupted internet connection makes your online life endlessly frustrating. If you and your family experience choppy Wi-Fi when everyone is at home streaming shows or studying online, you know how it can affect your evening for the worst. Low-quality internet can also make everyday communications with friends and co-workers difficult and bring down your productivity.

Having fast, reliable internet that stays consistent throughout your day (and night) is essential for your home — almost as necessary as all other utilities. It’s not worth sacrificing your productivity, time, and even family harmony when there are better and more affordable options for internet service. As more and more of our daily tasks and conversations move online, it’s vital that our connection proves dependable.

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While slowdowns and unstable signals are often due to your Wi-Fi hardware being older or outdated, your connection may be slow because your internet service is not as reliable and fast as current technology can provide.

The good news is that you can upgrade to fiber internet—the fastest, most reliable connection available! Kosciusko Connect and our team of experienced technicians can help get you on the road to high-speed fiber internet starting with one phone call (574-269-0327.)

Before we explain how fiber can transform your frustrating internet experience, we’ll discuss five warning signs that it’s time for an upgrade.

1) Slow Speed Tests

The easiest way to determine if you’re not getting fast enough internet is to run a speed test. Keep in mind that an internet speed test on the Kosciusko Connect app measures the speed that your router is receiving from the fiber line, and a speed test run on your device through a separate website or program calculates the speed that the device is receiving through the Wi-Fi signal from your router.

Speed tests can be checked on a cell phone in any room of your house. Start your internet evaluation by running a speed test anywhere and anytime you experience choppy or slow internet. Take note of the times of the day these slowdowns most frequently occur. It’s a great first step to finding out if it’s time for an upgrade. Learn how to run a speed test.

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2) Needing to Regularly Restart Your Router

If you frequently restart your router, your internet may need an upgrade. While we recommend rebooting your router every few months to improve connections, having to do so routinely (weekly or more often) is likely a sign that your internet service is just not fast enough, rather than the router not working properly.


3) “Dead Zones”—Or Not Getting Adequate Wi-Fi Signal in Some Rooms

Many homes have the dreaded “dead zone,” where your internet only has a weak or lifeless signal, rendering it useless for streaming music, TV, and movies or even checking your email.

With today’s Wi-Fi technology (properly set up and situated), dead zones should be rare, if not extinct. So, if you find dead zones in particular areas of your home, it may be time to improve your internet service to get a stronger signal everywhere in the house.

With Kosciusko Connect’s Wi-Fi extender, you can ensure that every corner of your home has an equally strong connection. Check out our mesh extender and learn more about residential plans.

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4) Struggling to Stream on Multiple Devices Simultaneously

If your family is struggling to stream TV and movies simultaneously on different devices, it’s easy to fall into patterns of family discord.

We understand that keeping the peace at home is a top priority, and quality internet should be a non-contentious issue. But difficulty streaming on multiple devices simultaneously is a sure sign of insufficient bandwidth which means you have outdated, poor internet service. If this issue keeps popping up, it’s time to consider an internet service upgrade.

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5) Videos Buffering Too Long and Slow Streaming

Our final sign that you need an internet upgrade is probably the most obvious and frustrating: your movies and TV buffering for too long.

If you find this happening, or if the picture quality of your videos is frequently pixelating, your Wi-Fi network is not receiving sufficient speed or bandwidth to handle streaming.

Read more about streaming over fiber internet: Traditional vs. Streaming TV.


Upgrading to Fiber Internet Can Make All the Difference

Any of these issues could indicate a problem with your internet service. Unfortunately, many customers experience more than one—or even all—of these problems for far too long before realizing they need an upgrade.

This is where Kosciusko Connect’s fiber internet technology comes in.

Fiber internet transfers its data (i.e., emails, music, movies, TV, voice and video calls, photos, files, etc.) through light, sometimes reaching around 70% of light speed! Traditional copper-based coaxial cable just cannot compete with fiber’s speed capabilities.

But it’s not just speed that makes the difference. Fiber also carries higher bandwidth capacities than cable or satellite internet. Taken together—increased speed and higher bandwidth—and fiber internet is the clear winner. With fiber internet from Kosciusko Connect, you can get your family on the path to high-speed, high-picture-quality, and reliable internet throughout your home.

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If you’re experiencing any of the frustrating warning signs outlined above and wondering how to fix slow internet, reach out to Kosciusko Connect and our friendly representatives. We’re happy to help you determine if upgrading to fiber is the right move for you and which package of services will greatly enhance your internet connection without breaking the bank.

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