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Don't Get Scammed! Let's Talk About Man in the Middle Attacks

In our ongoing commitment to keeping you informed about online security, we bring you the third installment of our series on internet-based scams and cyberattacks. Today, we're unraveling the intricate web of "Man-in-the-Middle" (MitM) attacks – a decidedly deceptive threat that might be closer than you think.

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Don't Get Scammed! Let's Talk About Malware

In last week’s blog article, we delved into the world of phishing scams and offered insights on how to protect yourself from falling victim to them. Today, we turn our attention to another digital menace that threatens your online security: Malware.

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Don't Get Scammed! Let's Talk About Phishing

Cybercriminals have honed their skills to exploit unsuspecting individuals, seeking to steal personal information, money, and even identities. We want to help you spot scams instantly and shut them down. In this new blog series, we will delve into different types of online scams that individuals and businesses should be aware of, starting with one of the most common and deceptive ones: phishing scams. 

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8 Ways to Encourage Healthy Screen Time Habits for a Successful School Year

In today's digitally connected world, finding a balance between online and offline activities is crucial for our children's well-being. In this blog, we provide you with some valuable and realistic tips and insights on how to encourage healthy screen time habits this school year.

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