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Inside the Installation: How Your Fiber Internet Gets Installed

It's exciting to get your home hooked up to high-speed fiber internet from Kosciusko Connect, but the process can seem long and confusing at times. Read on to discover how we go from the first call to turning on your new connection!

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Best Things to Do After Getting Fiber Internet

From getting rid of cable TV and enjoying streaming entertainment to living more efficiently through smart technology and staying better connected to loved ones, fiber internet provides a new world of convenience and amenities right in your home. Below, we discuss some ideas and suggestions to make your new fiber internet work at its best for you!

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How to Set up Your Router

Looking for ways to get the most from your fast fiber internet service? To ensure you have all the resources you need for a superb internet experience, here are a few tips for setting up your router.

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What is the Difference Between Wi-Fi and Internet?

Do you know the difference between Wi-Fi and the internet? Here's your guide to differentiating between them in your home network!

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