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Seniors & Tech: Liz Miller from GetSetUp on Digital Literacy for Seniors

GetSetUp's classes have become a worldwide resource for community and education among seniors. Learn how digital literacy is changing seniors' lives in this Q&A with Liz Miller.

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Kids & Tech: Local Educator Elaine Wagner on Data Privacy and Cyberbullying

If you have children, you know that their access to technology is a complex and often confusing topic. Whether or not you have specific rules regarding screen time and online activity, this Q&A has something for you. Our tech expert today is Elaine Wagner, the manager of educational services at McMillen Health. We hope you enjoy her insight as much as we do!

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Kids & Tech: Sean Herman of Kinzoo on Digital Literacy and Data Privacy

As Kosciusko Connect provides fast fiber internet, we strive to provide platforms for success and safety while you navigate your corner of the digital world. Enjoy this Q&A with Sean Herman, founder and CEO of Kinzoo.

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Which Streaming Music Service is Right For You?

Ready to discover a new playlist and reminisce over an old favorite? Check out this blog to learn which streaming music service is right for you.

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