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How to Talk to Your Kids About Digital Safety

In this blog, Cathie Bledsoe shares why it's important for parents to be familiar with their kids' online activity and offers tips for talking to kids about digital safety.

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A Conversation with Ash Brandin: How the Psychology of Video Games Should Change the Way We Teach our Kids

In this Q&A, Ash Brandin shares how the psychology of video games can change our approach to parenting and teaching, developing intrinsic motivation with creative new methods.

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25 Online Tools to Help You Reach Your Education Goals

There is so much you can learn from the comfort of your home and countless online tools that can help you flourish in your in-person classes. Check out these 25 apps and websites to get started on your virtual learning journey.

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Why You Need to Abandon Virtual Rooms and Reinvent Your Group Chats

Cathie Bledsoe is a digital safety educator from Fort Wayne, Indiana. She teaches kids, parents, and educators how to stay safe online, and she’s vividly passionate about her work. During our conversation with Cathie, she explained how her renewed texting life not only kept her friends’ lives more private, but also initiated a digital culture shift that none of them were expecting.

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